Suman Panika, Delhi - Depression, Anxiety, Claustrophobia, Fear of travelling alone

I came to know about Hypnotherapy through one of my good friends. She suggested this treatment to me as she could see that I needed help to overcome my anxiety problem. I have an acute problem of anxiety, fear of travelling alone and claustrophobia for over 15 years now. I have been taking regular anxiety pills and seeing a psychiatrist for a long time.

After much persuasion by my friend, I decided to consult MindSpring. In the beginning, I was a bit confused regarding this therapy and I was very anxious before the first session, but after I went through it, I felt very nice and relaxed. I realised that during that entire week, my energy levels had gone up and I felt very active and energetic. Earlier I used to get low on energy very often-once in every 2-3 days, but since I have been taking these sessions, I have not felt low even once.

The second and third sessions proved to be very beneficial. Earlier, I could not travel alone or by underground metros & elevator (with the fear of suffocation). Due to this, I missed out on some great job opportunities. While travelling in a metro even when I was with someone accompanying me, I would start crying and get down at every stop for a few minutes and take the next metro. I used to start feeling dizzy and my heartbeat used to become too fast. However, after the second and third sessions, I have developed a lot of confidence and have started travelling by metro (with someone accompanying me) without fear. I am now able to control myself easily.

I know I will have to take more sessions because my problem has many folds and has been there for a long time, but from the experience of it in only 3 sessions, I can say that healing a patient with this technique without any medicines is amazing.

Arun Sharma, Information Security Consultant, Delhi for his 6 yr old child suffering from Phobia of loud noise, irritable, invisible entities

With a thankful note we are pleased to express our gratitude to MindSpring for providing healing sessions to our daughter Aahana for below mentioned issues:

1. She used to get afraid from loud noise like Car Horn and, used to panic a lot in the car while in traffic. Due to this, we used to avoid taking her out. She also used to get irritated a lot throughout the day.

After First Session: Her fear of sound is healed completely, and now she enjoys going out and doesn't panic because of car horns in traffic.This time she also did not get much irritated due to fire crackers’ noise in Diwali as she used to be till last year.

2. She used to stare around a lot in her room at unknown/unidentified or we can say invisible entities other than her family members and used to shout a lot and often hit family members in irritation/panic.

After Second Session: We have observed a lot of changes in her behavior regarding above mentioned problem. Many positive signs have been observed till date, e.g
i) Staring around in room has reduced a lot.
ii) She doesn't panic much throughout the day. It has reduced to a good extent.
iii) Now, she avoids hitting her family members due to unknown reasons as she used to do earlier.

We are grateful to MindSpring for all they have done selflessly by providing life changing therapy sessions for our daughter Aahana.
Thanks a Ton! Aahana, Himani Sharma & Family

Rupa Rekhi, Gurgaon-Schizophrenia, hearing voices

I am a patient of Schizophrenia and went to MindSpring to get help to be free of the voices I heard in my mind .I had been suffering from these voices from nearly twelve years now and even though psychiatric help provided me some guidance and support it could not completely relieve me and the voices were more or less always there.

To be honest I was sceptical and did not expect much. However after the first session itself, I started feeling much better. If the voices were initially at an intensity of 9 on a scale of 1 to 10, they dropped down to 3 and now they are hardly there.

All her sessions and advices have proven to be very beneficial. The therapist is very patient and non judgemental. With their treatment, I was able to forgive myself and others in my life and understand what I wanted in life and the voices simply went away.

A very warm thank you, MindSpring.

Amit Raathi, Director, Max Life Insurance, Gurgaon for his Wife suffering from Low Blood Platelets

My wife had attended a workshop conducted by MindSpring on Stress Management. Post the workshop, there has been an amazing change in her attitude towards life. I would like to thank MindSpring from the bottom of my heart as I have seen my wife at peace with herself after a long long time. The workshop has positively touched her and that means a lot for her well being

She has been suffering from low blood platelets since a long time and it was shocking that we got the tests done after 10 days of the workshop and her platelet count had increased by 20,000. The only change my wife had made in these 10 days was to practice a technique which was taught in the workshop.

Gaurav Sharma, Associate Director, Gurgaon for his Relationship issues with wife

I came to MindSpring seeking help on my relationship issues with my wife on going for about 7 years. I was clueless as to why this is happening with me. There was a lot of insecurity, aggression and anxiety.

During my sessions, I went through an amazing journey of my previous births. The overall experience during the entire sessions was mind-blowing.

I now know the answers to all my questions. All the insecurity, aggression and anxiety I had, has gone away.

I have found the right GURU. My life has changed after the therapy. Thanks to MindSpring once again.

Virender,Gurgaon, Director, Benchmark Internet Group, Gurgaon for Extreme Stress & Severe Pain on face & Head

I had approached MindSpring seeking help with extreme levels of stress and severe pain all over my face and headaches. The medicines were simply not working and I could barely sleep due to the pain. I have been through three hypnotherapy sessions so far and they have really helped me get rid of all the emotional baggage I had been carrying since decades. I now experience lesser pain and my sleep pattern has also improved for good.

Based on these three sessions, I found their therapist to be a very calm, caring, and understanding person. Besides the therapy sessions, she would give me tips on improving my relation with the family and made me feel as if she could relate to whatever I was going through. I also attended a workshop by them which again proved to be an excellent experience. We were taught various stress management techniques and self-hypnosis at the workshop and the latter has really helped. The same is the feedback from one of my employees who attended this workshop.

I have now decided to make it a routine to visit them once every few months for a full clean-up of the mind.

Builder, Delhi for his Habit of playing cards & Gambling

I went to Richa to get rid of my old habit of playing cards and gambling as I have been incurring huge losses due to this habit and even my family life has been getting impacted.

I have had 4 sessions with them so far and it has really benefitted me. Now I am confidently able to hold myself back even when I see friends gambling right in front of my eyes. Earlier, I used to get carried away easily, however, now I actually don't feel the urge to play. This is a huge change and has helped me become more confident and peaceful.

Joy Bhardwaj, MA Psychology, Amity University, Noida for her Relationship Issues with Mother

Since I was a child, I have had constant friction in my relationship with my mom. I am myself an MA in psychology, but I could never figure it out why we are 2 different poles, and why if I say “Yes” she says “No” and vice-versa. I also never understood, why my mother acts as if her life has become still, as if there is no energy in her…and all these issues lead me to MindSrping.

Their therapist did a session on me and I was shocked to see that in one of my past lives, where I was a teenage boy and my mother was a little girl, I had accidently killed her. She helped me in resolving this issue, in the trance state itself. Since the day that session was held, I started noticing drastic changes in my mother’s behaviour. It seems she has become more interested in life. Even the frictions that we used to have all the time have reduced a lot. It has been wonderful since then and I am eagerly looking forward for more sessions with MindSpring!

MDI Student, MBA Finance, Gurgaon for his Fear of speaking in public & Low self esteem

I am astounded by the monumental paradigm shift which has taken place within me since my last session with MindSpring. I had been facing a plethora of problems due to inferiority complex from my peers which had made my life really difficult. I had been used to shivers down my spine every time I was asked to give a presentation on the stage.

It was then that I visited Richa. The way she analysed my problems in the very first session gave me a lot of confidence. The ultimate experience was when she took me to my past lives where I witnessed things which most likely explained why I have developed the habit of underestimating myself almost everywhere I go.

The results were really encouraging. I received great feedback about my performance in my summer internship which was then followed by a re-assuring voice from within me which repeatedly tells me that I can really speak on stage without any fear. And it’s really happening!!
Thanks a lot, MindSpring!

Ishika Dey, MBA Marketing, FMS Delhi for her Anxiety due to fear of exams

I am an MBA student from FMS 2014 batch. During my course, I became unwell for a long period because of which I could not appear in my 1st semester exams. I had very short time left and had to appear for the papers of both semesters. The pressure of studies, exam and health made me anxious. Then I approached MindSpring for help.

They counselled me and provided me therapy for the same. They did a very effective session of “My favourite pen" with me before exams. After the session I could immediately feel tremendous rise in my confidence level to appear in exams and my anxiety also disappeared. I was full of positivity.

I will personally recommend taking their help, to students who want to increase their performance or confidence for studies in exams or for counselling.

Abhinav Chauhan, IT Professional, Jodhpur for his Extreme laziness and inactive lifestyle

I had met Richa in Delhi and we had a conversation about past life regression therapy as she is practicing it and I also had some knowledge about it. I live in Jodhpur and so could not take any sessions from her at that time, but I discussed few of my issues with her and she told me whatever you are thinking, the universe actually manifests it for you, be it Positive or Negative. I started doing those little things that Richa had told me - I was thinking or chanting all the time that I am very active (as I am a Lazy person, which is one of my main issues) and to my surprise, I became very active in a couple of days. She also told me to put my aim on paper and act as if it has already materialised. All these things have made me very positive these days.

There are certain problems which we are not able tackle ourselves, then what to do or where to go as there are many mystical or mysterious things in this world which we cannot understand.So it is better to go to that person who understands it and to my knowledge Richa is that person (for Regression Therapy) and I and my mother are soon visiting Richa in Gurgaon for Regression therapy and are very much confident that my problems will be resolved.

Everybody can’t do everything; a DOCTOR can be a DOCTOR only, not an ENGINEER so it is better to go to that person who has knowledge in that particular subject like “Hypnotherapy”.

Student, M.Phil Psychology, Amity University for her Fear of sharing personal space with relatives

Hi, I am a post graduate in psychology. I do have an idea about how our sub-conscious directs our behaviour. After having so many answers in front of me I was never able to resolve the jigsaw by myself. One thought constantly used to ponder my mind -why was I so defensive when it came to sharing my personal space with my close relatives or dear ones!! This was drifting me away from the love and affection, which in turn was making me frustrated. I tried to find out many answers but one thought was constant - Was I ever abused as a child? That was the time I went to MindSpring and sought their help. Their therapist listened to me patiently and explained to me that she can help me clarify my doubt by her age regression therapy. In my first session itself, I successfully went to the age of 10, where two boys had tried to molest me at a party. It is strange that I had completely lost this memory, but during the therapy I recalled the incident and then she made me resolve the conflict in trance and helped me to alter my thought process. After treatment, I have noticed a change and an ease within me while dealing with my relatives.

Student, Psychology, Delhi for Lack Of focus & concentration, confusing thoughts

Since the last few years, I used to feel that I am not properly able to concentrate on anything. If I was in a conversation, I was not able to focus properly; in fact, I used to feel multiple thoughts getting generated inside me at the same time.

I was concerned as I had to do further studies and this lack of concentration and focus was really disturbing me. In this regard, on somebody’s suggestion, I got in touch with MindSpring and they did a session on me. It was a long one and the therapist told me to observe myself for a few days after the session. The result was great, because all my lack of concentration and focus just went away and even the multiple thoughts which used to bother me all the time during any kind of conversation just disappeared. Overall, I felt it was great because all of this was a result of only 1 session of hypnotherapy.

Jaspreet Singh, USA for his Kidney Infection and High BP

I was suffering from a serious kidney infection and was advised a surgery. My condition was really bad, as I was admitted in the hospital and my BP had also gone very high. It was then that I got in touch with Harmanjeet. He did a couple of sessions on me distantly, and miraculously, my kidney infection just vanished. Even the doctors were shocked to see this as the reports showed no kidney infection, for which they were going to operate upon me in 2-3 days. Not just this, even my BP became perfectly normal and I recovered completely very soon. I am very thankful to Harmanji for healing me completely and giving me a new life.

name undisclosed, Gurgaon-Unable to conceive for 13 years

Me and my husband had been trying to get pregnant for almost 13 years with no luck. We had undergone all sorts of treatments ranging from We had lost all hope. Then somebody told us about Harmanji. We consulted him. He merely did one session on us and we conceived within 10 days. We cant express how happy we are from the bottom of our heart. Our entire life has changed completely since the birth of our son. Thanks!